Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming is one of the newcomers on the block to the online gambling software industry. Although their company has been around for many years, they didn't make the leap into the world of online gaming until its official launch in 2006. In a short four-year period, Rival has already crawled near the top of the list by offering fair and trusted solutions to gaming. Their software can be described as quality-rich and sophisticated in terms of operation, but it also remains very user-friendly and easy to implement and to keep track of for site operators. There is a lot of stiff competition in this respective field, but Rival Gaming manages to do things differently enough that they stand out.

Their unique aspect shows through in the way they handle interactive gaming. Arriving on the scene officially in 2006, other platforms that are now considered old and out-of-style were never part of Rival's repertoire and thus didn't halt their progress. Rival hit the ground running with their innovative take on online gaming. Instead of trying to upgrade the entire gamut of online games, Rival dealt mostly with slot machines and the way they function for any individual player. They drew the conclusion that, although slots are widely popular, the “style” of game is also personal to the player. This led to Rival's groundbreaking i-Slots - a type of slot game that's both playable and entertaining.

i-Slots stands for Interactive Slots, and they are unique to Rival Gaming. As a player progresses on the slot machine of his or her choice, the machine begins to show various animated video clips. This introduces players to a unique storyline with its own cast of characters set in its own world. They also feature mini games, which act as small games within the game. i-Slots are regularly updated and stand alone as one of the most unique gaming features found on the entire Internet.

When it comes to security, Rival Gaming definitely does its best to ensure player and operator safety. Their security encryption protecting transactions, as well as history statements and constantly updated information for casino owners, ensures that the entire network is secure. Rival Gaming also offers good support to operators and players.

Although Rival Gaming isn't the biggest name out there, they're probably one of the most profitable companies. With their unique i-Slots attracting thousands of new players every week, and their loose set of territorial restrictions, Rival is able to pull in business where others turn it away - mainly by allowing players from the United States-and their uber-gambling market-to participate in online games.

Rival's games are crisp, clean, and easy to use and take up little disk space when downloaded. Since i-Slots encompass much of the brand's games, you won't find a huge variety outside of the slot machines, but they do feature the casino classics that everyone loves. Rival Gaming players can find craps, different variations on roulette and blackjack, poker, keno, video poker and more.

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