The business of e-commerce is rapidly growing in popularity. But the fear of becoming a victim of credit card fraud continues to keep a lot of people away from these methods of conducting online transaction. One of the safest and most reliable sites around for your e-commerce business is EcoPayz (formerly EcoCard). EcoPayz offers customers a safe solution for their online transactions, with a few extra features that you won't find with a credit card.

They have been providing a secure and convenient payment method for goods and services since 2000. EcoPayz is essentially a prepaid virtual debit card, and it's specifically designed to meet the needs of the internet marketplace. Customers of EcoPayz transfer funds into their EcoPayz account from local bank accounts or credit cards, and then they are free to shop online. Since the account is directly tied to the available funds, all transactions are immediately processed and approved.

All transactions processed through EcoPayz are safe and secure. The encryption used is too much for a hacker to handle, and the transaction is redirected to EcoPayz's website, adding another level of security with your username and password features. EcoPayz Ltd. is a European technology company that focuses on alternative payment solutions and payment processing. Since these are basically the only services they offer, EcoPayz can take extra security measures to ensure that your transactions remain anonymous and safe.

Because of the recent influx of United States citizens wishing to illegally bypass their country's ban against online gambling by using e-commerce services, EcoPayz has made their services unavailable for the U.S. crowd.

This is a major disadvantage to U.S. citizens who only want to use their EcoPayz account to shop online. But that's really the only disadvantage to be found when using EcoPayz's services. But all is not lost for internet gamers. If you're a citizen of other countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, etc, then EcoPayz is a truly unique payment method for online gambling. This is due to their ability to transfer funds between different account holders. This aspect makes EcoPayz convenient for online gaming, and it's widely accepted by various gaming merchants.

Applying for your EcoPayz is really simple. Since account holders use only available funds rather than credit, anyone eligible for an EcoPayz account will be accepted. You just need to fill out the forms on the main website. Fill in your information, confirm your email address, and then deposit your funds. Once your money is in, you can purchase from any online merchant accepting EcoPayz as a form of payment.

EcoPayz's support team isn't the best in the business, but it is still reliable. They will answer your emails promptly and thoroughly. There is no live-time phone number, however, you can still place a phone call to their answering service, or send a fox. EcoPayz is set up to run fluently, and rarely will users encounter a problem. But if you do, they will address your concerns and fix it right away.

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