Casino Warnings

Since the dawn of history and the industry of gambling, there have forever been people and organisations who are out there to take advantage of people who just want to get some entertaining fun gambling. These disreputable practices often go unnoticed, however we want to ensure that our visitors are aware of all the pitfalls associated with gambling online, so we've placed these warning symbols across the site to show people which online casinos are currently in our doghouse.

These are the symbols to look out for: warning small warning

If you see these symbols, you have to take heed and it is your own responsibility if you still choose to play at that online casino. Another point to note is that having a warning is not a permanent thing. If a casino shows that they have dealt with the problems they can earn their clean status back at any time.

Here are the main causes of warnings being applied:

  1. Slow or no payments - casinos will end up in the doghouse if we hear of them either taking way too long processing legitimate winnings, or even worse if they don't pay at all and ignore the player who has won.
  2. Predatory practices - if a casino uses bad predatory marketing tactics to get players to play or play again, then they will get warned! This includes activities such as fake bonus schemes, multiple landing/squeeze pages on the web, poaching players and many other practices.
  3. Email and/or web spamming - there is already enough spam on the web and we just don't need any more of it. It's OK to send out a few mailers here and there, but if a casino starts excessively spamming on email, or excessively spamming on the web via pop-up scripts or pop under windows, then they deserve our warning badge!
  4. Fake information - it's been known that online some online casinos will present themselves with fake information on their websites. This could include claims of licenses which they do not hold, or games being tested when they clearly are not. Any sort of fake information is bad, and bad=warning tag!
  5. Unethical business practices - gambling has a long association with gangsters and black market people and organisations, so it's not unusual for there to be lots of unethical business practices. Online it's a lot harder to get away with, especially these days with social media and social networking forcing companies to be more transparent and open. Still though, there are those who would try their luck, so for that, you end up in the doghouse!
  6. Too many complaints - if a casino gets too many complaints, there's clearly something wrong with them. It could be terrible customer service, or any of the other reasons why they are getting all these complaints. In any case, they don't deserve to get players!
  7. Affiliate abuse - one of the latest issues is casinos abusing their affiliates. Affiliates are generally their key marketing partners, and their working terms are normally defined in contracts. On the whole they are fair and treat their affiliates well, however, there are those that often try to sneak past the affiliate by doing all sorts of nasty things such as shaving revenues, stealing players, and retrospective changes in terms and conditions that can literally wipe out an affiliate all together.

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