The Casino Blacklist

Choosing an online casino is a delicate task. You have to navigate the murky waters of the online world, and gather information to make an informed decision. Through our dealings with various online casino companies, and our requirements for extremely high standards, the casinos listed throughout the CasinoReviews365 website are all vetted to be safe, secure and trustworthy.

That being said, there are still many unscrupulous casino operators, and this list is aimed to give our visitors a clear warning where NOT to spend your money.

We also urge you to let us know if you have had bad experiences with online casinos, contact us and tell us so we can warn other people.

Casinos to Avoid

Grand Prive Casino Group

This is the whole Grand Prive Casino Group of casinos which include Bella Vegas Casino, Casino Grand Bay, Fortune Junction, Jackpot Wheel, Jupiter Club, Lake Palace Casino and Road House Reels. Their sudden and unscrupulous withdrawal from the US market has also caused some bad feedback from customers and other affiliates. The main reason for their blacklist is the fact that they felt it was ok to continue running the casinos even though the Grand Prive marketing arm has ceased operations. Furthermore, they breached affiliate contracts without due notice or consideration, showing them to be untrustworthy and more importantly UNSAFE for customers. Therefore they are being blacklisted.

Verdict: Avoid all the casinos in this group, there is no telling what they will do with your financial data.

Club Tokyo Casino

This is a new Playtech casino which sees to be aimed at the Asian markets. However their poor marketing tactics to get them going include excessive forum spamming, excessive email spam and hardcore guerilla tactics to gain customers. We don't trust this kind of action.

Verdict: Avoid this casino as you will probably not recieve your winnings.

Vegas Action Online Casino

Again this is another webpage front end to what seems to look like a Microgaming casino, but it is not. They are using execessive spam tactics and claim to have a bonus of $1200 which we believe is false. Do not play here at all, don't even click on any link in the page otherwise you might be hit by a virus or something, we don't even dare to test what the links are pointing to.

Verdict: Completely avoid this casino as if your life depended on it!

Vegas International Casino

Be careful, these people are spamming lots of email addresses to get customers. When we investigate, we were shocked to see that they have ripped off designs from other sites, and have put logos for famous reputable companies, claiming also that it is a Microgaming casino. IT IS NOT. Every link goes to a download, there is no legitimate information on their website.

Verdict: Completely avoid this casino as if your life depended on it!

Royal VIP Casino

Excessive spamming and black hat marketing tactics has lead this casino to be listed. Their site is terrible with no information about who they are, and there are no signs of legality either.

Verdict: Completely avoid this casino as if your life depended on it!

Magic Jackpot Casino

Excessive spam emailing, plus an unknown landing lable. This casino is a complete avoid. We couldn't find any information about it at all, we highly recommend that you stay utterly clear of it.

Verdict: Utterly avoid like your life depended on it.

Casino Extreme

We've had mixed feedback about this casino. Although the bulk of it seems to point towards a very poor customer service team.

There are also reports that this casino takes a long time to payout and will sometimes create reasons to refuse payout's. Further reports recently indicate very poor customer service and refusal to pay winnings. Update: Aug 2006, we are upgrading this casino to Avoid in light of further complaints.

Verdict: Avoid.

Moonlight Island Casino

Blacklisted for excessive forum spamming tactics and various other blog spamming and board spamming. Their site looks terrible and you can't tell whether they are legitimate operators or not. Stay clear of this operation.

Verdict: Avoid this casino completely.

Hi Roller Casino

For excessive spamming and email fraud, this supposed online casino has been blacklisted for their unscrupulous bad marketing tactics.

Verdict: Avoid this casino completely.


Their software is well known throughout the industry to cheat players. In blackjack they were caught dealing seconds, and we must urge you to avoid all their casinos, including Casino-on-air.

Verdict: Avoid this casino group completely.

Golden Palms Casino

Avoid this at all costs, it seems to be a mirror site of Windows casino, but their unresponsive support, and non-issuing of their deposit promotions has meant that we've heard complaints about them.

Verdict: Don't play, promised bonuses are not rewarded.

Play And Deal

Strange business model and practices. Advertising methods seems to be somewhat misleading. Also their customer service is very poor and needs a lot of attention.

Verdict: Don't play at this casino.

Casinos with Warnings

Pitbull Casino

This site doesn't have any information about their gambling license jurisdiction.

Verdict: I wouldn't go anywhere near an online casino if I didn't know if was officially licensed somewhere.
Pamper Casino

This site doesn't have any information about their gambling license jurisdiction.

Verdict: I wouldn't go anywhere near an online casino if I didn't know if was officially licensed somewhere.
Mr Casino

It's the first we've heard of this casino, and it doesn't seem to be going well. We receive a complaint against this casino for their bad practices which it comes to issuing bonus money and bonus money winnings.

It does not mention in the Terms and conditions for the bonus structure that you cannot claim bonuses from one G-Fed casino to another. This is misleading to visitors and players.

Verdict: Play here only if you are not worried about getting a bonus.

Be wary of this online casino as we have received reports of strange behaviour in some of their games.

Verdict: Play, but be careful and keep your eyes open for irregularities.

Golden Nile Casino

Formerly known as Golden Comps Casino. This casino has not had a good reputation for quite sometime. Their actions are not unscrupulous, it's just that people say they take forever to deal with enquiries and to payout winners.

Verdict: Play at your own risk.

Casinomill Bingo

This online bingo hall is on this list for using spam email tactics in their marketing.

Verdict: Do not play here unless you want to endorse spam email tactics.

Rochester Casino

This online casino has some questionable marketing practices. We have heard of complaints about lack of support, and we have noticed also that one method of their marketing seem to be forum spamming.

Verdict: Do not play here, unrecognised casino operators and undeterminable security.

Green Table Casino

This operation has reportedly ripped off the entire design from Casino Tropez and stuck their own logo on the design. This is almost certainly a scam and we recommend you do not play here.

Verdict: Do not play here, unrecognised casino operators and undeterminable security.

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